Hire a Superhero in Six Simple Steps!

March 15, 2021

Is your professional photographer a superhero? here's how to tell:

  1. Has your photographer received any professional training outside of YouTube University? If not, there's a good chance they are missing some key components of photography that they need to do a really good job. Don't get me wrong, there is a place for being self taught, but that's more for the little add-on techniques. Not the nuts and bolts of a professional industry... Just ask a superhero!
  2. Look to the sky! It's a bird... it's a plane... wait! It's white? One of the fastest ways to know if a photographer is a true pro or an amateur is to go through their images and look at the skies. Are they consistently white without any clouds? How often is a grey day without any clouds? A white sky is a clear sign that either the photographer is shooting with a low grade, non-professional camera or they have no idea how to expose a shot. Chances are they are a "natural light" photographer and don't know how to use flash. Yes, flash on a sunny day... that's the secret to blue (or even grey) skies that every superhero knows.
  3. Posing can make or break an image. Too many times paid amateur photography is discovered by poor posing. Hands stuffed in pockets is a huge no-no! As are tight fists, clasped hands, and hidden hands. These scream of tension and are not natural in an heirloom photo you want to future generations to cherish. Posing should be natural and relaxed, so if you see hands gripping, or no hands at all, it's time to continue your search for the perfect superhero!
  4. Focus... focus... wait! That's too much! If you can see the background in perfect detail... every tree and blade of grass... you are not working with a true pro! Professionals use special lenses that work magic by creating a blurred background in camera so you pop in the image. You don't want to compete against the setting you're standing in when someone looks at your photos, so if you see stunningly crisp backgrounds, this photographer is not your superhero.
  5. Let me see the light in your eyes! No, seriously... this is called a catch light. Just watch your favorite TV series and pay attention to their eyes. Always there is a glimmer of light shining from them. These are catch lights, and just as in video, still photos need that light. Without it, the eyes appear dark and lifeless. A true professional will know how to create lights in your eyes by using reflections, a pop of flash, or other mastery they have up their sleeves... because they are superheros!
  6. Up, up and away.... just like smoke! That's what happens when your cherished digital files are lost to a technological failure. Yes, you meant to print them but never got around to it. You want more than digital images... you want a service that will provide you with heirloom printing services that result in art that will move you to tears. Paid amateur photographers will offer you digital images. A superhero will sweep up your images and fly them to safety... erm, I mean... they'll send them to a professional lab to have them transformed into the art you desire. That is a true superhero!

So there you have it! Six easy way to tell if the photographer you are considering is a paid professional or a paid amateur. Now get the spotlight out and do your homework before spending a single penny on a service that doesn't serve you like you're a superhero!