Live Show Filming
Using cameras with enhanced audio and low light video recording, we deliver the very best in digital files, blu-ray and DVD formats. We believe in the feeling of “being there”, so our recording use the live auditorium sounds. When videographers use canned sound, the stage sounds are lost. We want to hear the applause, the sounds of tap shoes, knee drops and intentional breathing from the dancers, and we know you do too!


Video Services:

  • We never use canned sound! Well recorded ambient sound gives the feeling of being there to the viewer. Applause, stage and game sounds... these all matter! Many Modern dances today are choreographed without music. Ambient sound is more important than ever with these pieces.

  • Specializing in Low Light Filming, we are able to capture brilliantly clear footage in the dimmest of light to ensure you can see every detail. Please see the sample videos below to compare our quality.

  • All filming is in 4K format and can be reduced to HD format without losing any detail.

  • Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Files are available for purchase from our filming.

  • Studios and Teams receive a complimentary copy of performances and games.

For-Profit Studios:
$300 Filming Fee - 1st show
$200 per additional show

Complimentary studio copy of a Blu-ray or DVD*

Non-Profit Studios
$250 Filming Fee

$100 per additional show

Complimentary studio copy of a Blu-ray or DVD.*

*Benefit shows where multiple studios participate may opt to receive your own studio dances as individual movie files to post on your website or social media with credit to Misty Eyes Photography. May not be shared with families.


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