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Quality matters when you are hiring a service to represent your Dance Studio or Sports Team. You want your families to be pleased with the end result of that service. Too often families are left disappointed. You may not always hear about it, but it's a fact. DVDs that are so grainy they can't make out which child is theirs. Posing that is so stagnant that the energy of the art is gone. Action activities deserve an action shot that shows the expression of the motion. Whether it's a Picture Day, a Live Event or filming, hire true professionals that will make your families happy with the money they have invested. They pay a lot to have their child participate with your service, so give them photos and video that captures the memory in clear detail. Here's what you get with us:

Picture Day Services:

  • No distracting backgrounds: We photograph on solid backgrounds so the focus is on the costumes. For Sports, we photograph at your court or field.

  • iPad Viewing Stations: Parents can see what we photograph the same day using our iPad stations. No more blind ordering!

  • We offer two package pricing plans based on whether you want a kickback on sales or turn that money into savings for your dedicated families. Contact Us for more information.

  • Our Print Packages are reasonably priced, or you may opt to offer a Digital Image only option to avoid the painstaking process of distributing orders later.

Recital Video Services

Powder Photography Events:

  • Proprietary Clean Setup to ensure your studio space is protected during your Studio Event

  • Each person gets to choose 3 of our 11 wheat free colors

  • Sessions include 15 minutes of set time to create magical, breathtaking action photos!

  • Studios and Teams receive access to digital images for promotional use (see terms and conditions in information packet).


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