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"The Art of Photography goes beyond having an eye or a nice camera. It is infusing joy into your subject so they reflect that happiness in every photo you take; treasuring them forever."

We are a team. That's right... a 2 for 1 special! We work together, live together, create together and love together. We enjoy everything we do! Our joy for life comes through in our sessions because all of our clients are like family to us. You'll never feel like our relationship with you is contractual or "for hire". We are genuine. We laugh, we make jokes, we have fun. This creates better quality photos for you! Our personable nature makes you comfortable and more willing to try new things in front of the camera. So not only can you be assured of our technical skill, but you can be assured we know how to bring out your very best. Yes we are trained in posing, lighting and the use of reflectors. We know how to expose for the sky

and add in a short flash burst to create a balanced well lit photo. This is important, but nothing can beat the results of a session where you are happy, relaxed, genuinely laughing and having a good time. Some of our clients, especially during Senior Portraits, say "they went to a photo session and a comedy show broke out". We LOVE this! That makes us know we're doing a GREAT job! No one wants a stale painted on smile with no emotion behind it. A photo with hands stuffed in pockets or family members simply standing side by side... it feels disconnected. We know how to pose you to feel emotion and look your very best! We connect people in a way you'll love! You'll always get a quality session with us... and that you can smile at!


2001 - 2002

New York Institute of Photography

2006 - 2007

Granite State College: Film Studies

Our Gear

Still Cameras

Nikon D810 equipped with prime/art lenses

Video Cameras

Panasonic Lumix equipped with prime/art lenses

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